Beach Blog November 26, 2017

Gifts from Randy

Watching the sunrise while walking on the beach this morning in Ponce, thinking of Randy as always, I stumbled upon these two perfect shells (Whelks).  In the 42 years I have been living in this area I have never found shells like these and in this condition.  I take this as a sign and truly believe Randy placed them there for me.

Happy Anniversary Honey!  xoxo

Inspired by Van Gogh

My latest lamp commission is inspired by Van Gogh’s Irises painting.  The standing lamp is from the early 1900’s made of metal and rattan.  It was quite rusty so I have taken it apart, de-rusted and painted.  The rattan will be left as is.  My client had the lamp and is a huge fan of Van Gogh.

Inspired from a piece of fabric used for chair coverings where the lamp will sit.
Inspired by Van Gogh “Irises”

Beach Blog November 2nd 2017

Friends Michael O’Rourke and Linda Sund passed through Ponce Inlet yesterday on their catamaran Escapade.  Not knowing they anchored in the same spot where Ppalu had been in the river the day before!  What a great time having dinner aboard the boat and sharing memories of the past year in the Bahamas when we first met.  Here they are sailing out of Ponce Inlet this morning along with a beautiful sunrise.  Bon Voyage!

Escapade heading out of Ponce Inlet

Beach Blog Oct. 31, 2017

PPALU GOES SALING!!  On her way today to Canaveral for a haul out and bottom clean and paint.   A beautiful morning with Ppalu sailing away as the sun is rising over Ponce Inlet.  Fishermen on the jetty, blue heron and birds having breakfast.

Ppalu at the end of Ponce Inlet Jetties
Ppalu with her sails set heading to Canaveral – She is in her Glory!


Progress on Marble Window

Trying to find a way to overcome the challenge of placing the marbles on a flat surface, hence I was leaving openings in the glass to insert the marbles last.  My friend G came up with the brilliant idea of laying the window on a piece of styrofoam and scooping out rounds of styrofoam to fit the marbles with a strawberry huller.  So on my morning bike ride I found the perfect size of styrofoam and it has made the project more enjoyable and less of a challenge.  For most of the marbles I can just press them down into the styrofoam making a slight indentation.  Thank you my friend!

Full window on styrofoam
Left side on styrofoam
Right side on styrofoam

Beach Blog Oct. 20th

After a stressful road trip to Orlando yesterday to find some more lamp bases I was happy to be back at the beach!

New family of lamp bases patiently awaiting their shades!

So back to the beach this morning and after 10-20 knots of wind for the past few days there is tons of trash on the beach again!  Here is a small sampling…

Trash collected today along with a nice piece of driftwood

Although I did find two nice pieces of driftwood and a sea heart!

Nice driftwood!

The Town of Ponce Inlet is in need of volunteers to help move the seaweed debris to stabilize the dunes. To sign up please visit: